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2.500+ merchants

Giftomatic has a network of over 2.500 international merchants.


The Giftomatic tools index 40.000.000 products on a daily basis, the most popular high margin products are presented to end users.

Available worldwide

The Giftomatic tools are available in 9 languages. 

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Giftomatic is
a revolution

This is why Gift card companies use Giftomatic

The better the experience of the card holder, the more positive reviews you will receive.

By implementing the Giftomatic tools, card holders can search across the products of all connected retailers. This makes it much easier to find the product they wish to purchase in the store that they prefer.

Many card holders don’t know what to buy with their card. Giftomatic algorithms inspire with popular categories and products.

Giftomatic offers a unique way to monetize gift card redemptions.

Giftomatic has partnerships with hundreds of participating retailers (e.g. Asos), who want Giftomatic to promote their products via a special product feed. These are high converting & high margin products. Giftomatic agreed on a commission structure, and shares a part of this commission with the gift card company.

Every month you can receive a report with the results and a payslip.

additional revenue

The commission paid is for the entire order value, which includes the overspent.

Giftomatic generates aggregated anonymous (GDPR compliant) data while card holders are shopping. This data helps you getting a better picture of your card holders.

What to expect?

  • Get to know the total ordervalue per webshop
  • Learn product & category interests of card holders

Don't leave money on the table

Today the users on your platform are flying away to Google Shopping, price comparison sites and discount sites. These platforms monetize your users.

It is time to keep these user on your own platform, service them better and generate an additional revenue stream!

A complete suite of tools

Giftomatic offers a range of white label tools. These can be implemented on your site, and contain your style & content.

Search engine

The search engine works like Google shopping, but now solely for your gift card. With one search query a card holder can discover if and where a product is sold.

The ones not knowing what to buy yet (there are many!) card holders are inspired with the most popular products and categories.

Search for anything
Your card holder can easily search for products, brands or stores and discover where they can purchse the product they want.

Inspiration bar
For those uninspired shoppers, the inspiration bar helps them get started with the most popular categories. Turn idle card holders into shoppers.

Smart Algorithms
Products are ranked by popularity and the consumer's input. Our smart algorithms rank products by popularity, conversion rate, price and consumer's input.

Confetti for everybody
The unwrap page starts with confetti. Next to the confetti, the page has the look & feel of your own site.

Call to Action
Users can click on the button, the gift card or a product. All clicks will lead via a Giftomatic trackinglink to the webshop of the redemption partner.

Popular Products
These products are the best converting & have the highest margins.

They're handpicked, selected by the retailer, or selected by our AI algorithms.

Unwrap experience

Offer a great experience for a consumer who just received a gift card, directly or via swapping a multi-choice card. It shows card terms and inspires with the most popular products.

We even added confetti!

Product Promotions

With this snippet, webpages and emails can be enriched with the most popular products, showing card holders immediately what they can buy with their card.

Products are dynamically loaded based on smart algorithms.

Gain valuable insights on spend behaviour

Receive aggregated data about card holders and the online transactions they make.

Endless possibilities

Which products are popular? What is the average order value? Which productcategories do card holders love? And what is the overspent exactly?

Answers to these questions can be found in the datareports that Giftomatic is sharing with its partners.

This data is aggregated. No individual or personal information is collected or generated at all. Giftomatic is fully GDPR compliant.

Giftomatic treats data that is generated by your card holders strictly confidential.

About Giftomatic

Giftomatic is an innovative tech-company from Amsterdam offering tools to enable Gift card companies reaching their goals.


The idea of Giftomatic is born in 2018. Erik and Sander both found some expired gift cards, leaving them a bit frustrated. On a Friday afternoon in a pub in Haarlem, they believed they could apply their knowledge of affiliate marketing and building digital platforms, to the gift card industry.

Giftomatic is founded in Amsterdam in 2019 by Sander Vessies, Coen Baars and Erik Zeilinga.

Meet the team here.

Network & experience

The 3 founders have been in the affiliate industry since 2006 and have experience from publisher, network and advertiser perspective. They build digital applications that have been used by millions of users (e.g. with over 10M users) and have a very strong international network in affiliate marketing.

Giftomatic has 1 focus: optimize gift card tools for card holders & affiliate partnerships. This results in an ever improved user experience, new innovations and the highest payouts possible.

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