Give your Card holders something to search for

Our white label product search engine helps your Card holder to find the product they love.

Giftomatic is member of the GCVA

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The Gift Card & Voucher Association is the industry organisation representing the key players in the Gift card industry.

Giftomatic became a member in 2021 and Sander Vessies (CEO) presents Giftomatic in front of the Audience at the GCVA event held on 11.11.2021

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Giftomatic for gift card companies

Unlock data & revenue

Giftomatic offers white label technology for your gift card business. This will help you gaining data about the Gift card holders and generate extra revenues.

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Data & partners

Find the perfect gift with Giftomatic.

Giftomatic generates aggregated anonymous (GDPR compliant) data while card holders are shopping. This data helps you getting a better picture of your card holders.

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Extra revenues

For every online gift card redemption

Generate extra revenue for every online purchase card holders make.

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The tools

To boost sales and generate extra revenue.

Implementation on your site and communication channels is extremely easy. By adding a code-snippet the implementation can be completed in under 30 minutes.

The implementation is similar to adding a Youtube video to a webpage. This quick implementation will cover ~60% of the full potential, the Giftomatic team will assist you to grow to 100%.


Our tools, your style.

The Giftomatic tools will always contain the style of your corporation, such as font and colours, wording and buttons.

Giftomatic will make sure that only products of the retailers are included that you are working with.

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A selection of our retail partners

VVV cadeaukaarten

Dutch marketleader

Our latest innovation is the partnership with Giftomatic. With their technology our card holders can easily find a destination for their VVV gift card. We believe this is a key element in the pleasure that a gift card should bring.

Invaluable insights

Make better business decisions.

Intelligent promotions

Our A.I. predicts the most popular products

Giftomatic will only show the products of the webshops where your card holders can shop.

Don’t worry about outdated pricing or out-of-stock products, Giftomatic automatically syncs to their inventory every night.

The A.I. powered algorythms automatically push best matching products to each individual card holder.

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