Better margins
Higher customer satisfaction

Giftomatic inspires millions of Gift card owners
"what to buy"



Additional profit

Unlock extra revenue for online transactions that are generated via your platform: £1,45 on average.

Industry standard

The player with the strongest business model wins in this rapidly growing industry.

Focus on spending the gift card

Unlike most KPI's, this model is focused on gift card spending.

Affiliate marketing


  • First campaigns in the 90's
  • Publishers, advertisers, networks
  • In 2022 a total of $17 Billion is paid to publishers
  • Retailers

  • 80% of big brands are active in affiliate marketing
  • It is risk free
  • Affiliate marketing has high ROI
  • The rules

  • Link placements
  • Commission per category
  • Communication
  • On your platform

    How it works

  • Commission for purchases
  • Last click counts
  • Cookietime
  • No commissions for returned products
  • Revenue on entire basket

    Commissions are calculated on the entire basket size, which is higher than only the card value.

    Double dipping?

  • Free traffic
  • They pay other platforms
  • Opt-out
  • With Giftomatic


    Giftomatic works with all major retailers in the United States and Europe.


    To drive maximum value to the retailers, Giftomatic has a suite of tools available. These can be implemented on any platform.


    Keep track of the performance in our online dashboard.

    No changes required

    Once integrated, Giftomatic will generate an additional revenue stream. This has no impact on current systems, flows or agreement with the card partners.

    Example Search engine

    This is an example of the Giftomatic Search engine. Dimensions, style & content can all be adjusted to your companies wishes.

    Click here for a Dutch example or go to next slide for an English example.

    Fully managed solution

    Giftomatic delivers a fully managed solution, the team is dedicated to generate the highest revenues by optimizing the content and negotiate with the retailers.


    We did all the hard work to make sure implementation is as easy as possible on your end.

    Why Giftomatic

    A selection of our partners

    VVV cadeaukaarten

    VVV cadeaukaarten is the largest open loop gift card in The Netherlands with 100M+ gift card revenue.

    We implemented in 2020 and it is a huge succes for our giftcard holders! A big step forward in the customer experience and on top of that a great extra revenue stream. Giftomatic is the best innovation since years!


    Raymond Smits van Waesberghe
    Head of Marketing, CX and
    product at VVV cadeaukaarten


    Amilon serves over 1.500 clients in 25 countries worldwide. It is a branded currency marketplace.

    About this partnership


    The Giftomatic tools are implemented throughout the platforms of Amilon, for example, and my-gate. The Giftomatic tools help receivers of branded currency make a decission which gift card they want to buy.

    Appreciate Group


    Appreciate group is a leading gift card company in the UK with over £300 M revenue annualy.

    About this partnership


    The Giftomatic tools will be implemented on all platforms of Appreciate group, including, and Park Christmas savings.

    Ovation incentives

    Since 2001 Ovation helps international companies in 120 countries engage their teams, attract customers, reward success and deliver results.

    About this partnership

    When redeeming an incentive, a consumer can first search for products. Also throughout the redemption proces, popoular products are promoted.

    What if we start?

    If everything is clear and you’re wondering what will happen exactly if you give it a go? These are the steps you can expect. Giftomatic is usually fast and aims to finish this process in 2-3 weeks so we can generate the additional revenues as soon as possible.

    1. Plan

    Our team will advise how to implement the Giftomatic tools. The commercial team will work on the content & affiliate partnerships.

    2. Agreement

    The partner enrollment form will be prepared and sent to you. This can be signed digitally.

    3. Implement

    Giftomatic will help during the entire implementation on a technical & UX level. We recommend 5 calls in the first 2 months.

    4. Live

    Once live, everything is automated. Results are visible in the Giftomatic dashboard.

    Let's innovate together!

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