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Orders and Returns

Due to the nature of the goods we offer, we are unable to accept any returns or offer any refunds on any of our items that have been purchased. All our items are fully personalised which means we cannot sell them on - even if the goods are unopened by the customer on receipt.

Scenarios in which the customer IS NOT entitled to any form of refund / replacement:

1. Customer changes mind and doesnt want the item

2. Customer doesnt open packaging and wants to return item

3. Customer enters incorrect personalisation information at checkout and recieves an incorrectly personalised item because of it

With that being said, there are some instances in which we will honour a return and replacement

1. When the customer has entered correct personalisation information, however in the product creation process, Giftomatic have made a mistake and the end result item is incorrect because of this.

sample-banner sample-banner RETURN & EXCHANGE

Giftomatic will get to work on your order straight away and keep you updated on its progress throughout.

sample-banner sample-banner CUSTOMER SERVICE

We pride ourselves on quality customer service - that is why we are on hand to help you along your way. You can email us any time of day on

sample-banner sample-banner FREE SHIPPING

With Giftomatic, we also give you the customer an amazing benefit of enjoying free delivery with your purchase *minimum spend required.

sample-banner sample-banner Quality Guaranteed

Whilst all personalised items are not returnable due to the product type, if there is any fault with the product that is down to us then we will offer a 100% refund / replacement.